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Discover actionable insights from climate narratives with our data-driven services.

Access our Climate Narratives API for real-time data, customize your analysis with our Custom Social Data Streams, or enhance your team’s capabilities with our Retainer Service.

Whether you need continuous insights, targeted data solutions, or embedded support, we’re here to empower your climate narrative journey.

About Us is a consortium of data professionals who are concerned about climate change. We’re also deeply curious about climate change narratives, because as David Attenborough has said:

“Saving the planet is now a communications challenge.”

Our mission is to capture and analyze climate change narratives, in order to provide researchers, policymakers, journalists, activists, and other stakeholders with unique insights into climate narrative shifts.

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Option #1
Climate Narratives API

Access our proprietary data platform with the API. It captures and analyzes climate change narratives from traditional and social media sources, providing unique insights into climate narrative shifts.

Our API is designed to support researchers, policymakers, journalists, activists, and other stakeholders. It offers real-time data and analysis to inform your climate-related projects and decisions.

Explore the full potential of our Climate Narratives API:

  • Consult our comprehensive API documentation for detailed information on integration and usage.
  • Explore our public dashboard for a visual representation of climate narrative data and trends.

USD $250 a month, per licensed user

Option #2
Custom Social Data Streams

Create bespoke data streams with our Custom Social Data Streams service, designed to cater to your specific research or monitoring needs.

Work closely with our team to develop a data stream that delivers targeted insights. We ensure accuracy and actionability, helping you make informed decisions based on social data.

USD $3,500, per stream development
USD $500 a month, per hosted stream

Option #3
Retainer Service

Leverage the expertise on a continuous basis with our Retainer Service, embedding our knowledge directly into your team for ongoing development and support.

Benefit from a dedicated team of experts who understand your goals and challenges. We provide assistance with data analysis, project management, and strategic planning, tailored to your objectives.

USD $8,500 a month